The new combination SR-100/200 Slitter/Rewinder

The new combination SR-100/200 Slitter/Rewinder


Do you need to slit multi-up rows of labels in-line directly from your printer, but at the same time not place any tension on your printer?

With the new combination SR-100/200 Slitter/Rewinder this is now possible! This innovative Slitter/Rewinder combo empowers you to slit and rewind “in-line” directly from your printer.

Slit as many as 5-across!

Slitter/Rewinder combo video image link

As seen above, a free-hanging loop of material is created between the Slitter/Rewinder and the printer - thus eliminating all tension on the printer and creating the perfect in-line solution.

Fully adjustable tension is introduced on the Slitter/Rewinder between the Slitter Blades and the Rewinder, thereby yielding consistent and tightly wound finish rolls every time. An optical sensor starts and stops the rewind/slit action in perfect harmony with the printer.

Our SR-100/200 Slitter/Rewinders are backed by an unmatched 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty.

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