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We provide solutions for use with virtually all printers, including:

Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Canon
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Quicklabel
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with VIP Color
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Epson
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Afinia Label
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Swift Color
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with TSC Printronix
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Brother
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with HP
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Sato
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Zebra
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Toshiba
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Oki
Labelmate USA solutions compatible with Neuralabel

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Label Applicators are the ideal solution for quickly and accurately applying labels to a variety of objects. Bottle Label Applicators are perfect for cylindrical objects such as bottles, jars, cans & more. Box Label Applicators provide even application to a wide range of boxes for clean packaging. Choose a Flat Item Label Applicator for your bags, envelopes, & other flat items!


Label Counters enable you to verify the number of labels on a roll. Reel-to-Reel Label Counters and Count Packages also provide the flexibility to make large rolls into smaller ones or change the direction of the labels coming off the roll. Combining a stand-alone Label Counter with a Rewinder at the output of your printer enables you to count labels as they are printed!


Label Dispensers are like always having your own personal label assistant! As soon as you remove a label the Label Dispenser automatically peels & presents another one, ready and waiting to be used. We offers a wide range of Label Dispenser models and there is sure to be one to suit your needs!


Label Rewinders wind-up labels into a roll as they come out of your printer to eliminate gathering the labels by hand! All of our Label Rewinders are extremely smooth & virtually silent, and each has fully adjustable speed & torque control. We back our durable Label Rewinders with our world-famous 5-Year parts & labor limited warranty.


Don’t be limited by the roll capacity of your printer! Label Unwinders provide a convenient way to manage large supply rolls as they feed into your printer, giving you the freedom to use larger supply rolls than those typically accepted inside the printer. Reduce your cost per label & save time by changing label rolls less often with a Label Unwinder!


Label Slitters are the solution for slitting multiple-across label rolls into single rolls. "In-Line" Label Slitter/Rewinders are placed at the output of your printer enabling you to slit & rewind as the labels are printed. Label Slitting Packages enable you to slit large pre-printed multiple across rolls of labels into individual rolls.


Need additional flexibility within your label rolls? Turnkey Label Splicing Packages allow you to splice one roll of labels to another in order to make a larger roll from two smaller rolls, or to change label types during a production run. Our Label Splicers feature a stainless steel splicing table & a digital counter that can be pre-set to stop the system when the desired count is reached.

Matrix Removal

Remove the waste matrix on your full-bleed, die-cut color printed labels with ease with our Label Matrix Removal Systems. Place an In-Line Matrix Removal System at the output of your high-speed color printer to rewind label rolls and remove waste matrix on demand making your labels immediately ready for use on your production line.

Print Solutions

Label Printing Solutions are a combination of our Reel-to-Reel Counters with the Markoprint X1JET printhead, allowing you to simultaneously rewind & print variable data on-demand. Easily add data to your labels such as barcodes, expiration dates, lot numbers, serial numbers, company logos, & more!

Core Chucks

Mechanical Core-Chucks provide the optimum solution for label roll handling & management. No more "telescoping" label rolls with these quick-release Label Core Holders! Exchange rolls quickly & easily. With several core diameters and shaft lengths to choose from, there is certain to be a Core-Chuck to fit your Label Roll holder requirements.

Why Choose Labelmate USA

Why Choose
Labelmate USA

LABELMATE USA has been the industry leader in label handling equipment since 1997. We pride ourselves on our innovation & dedication to quality across our entire product line. LABELMATE USA products will solve your label handling challenges while affording you new efficiencies. Whether you are printing your labels in-house or receiving them in large or small batch orders, we have the label equipment to improve your processes and save you time & money! We back all of our Label Rewinders & Unwinders with our world-famous 5-year parts & labor limited warranty. Our Label Counters, Dispensers, Slitters, Splicers, and Applicators are all backed by a similar 3-year parts & labor limited warranty. LABELMATE USA products are all industrial-grade and made to withstand the test of time.