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All-in-one Label Slitter/Rewinder with 3 Slitting Blades.

Designed specifically for in-line use, now you can slit and rewind labels directly from your printer without placing any stress whatsoever on the printer!

  • Customer specifies rewind/slit direction at the time of order: either Left to Right, or Right to Left.
  • Maximum Supply material Width – 10” (270-mm)
  • Maximum Roll Diameter – 8” (204-mm)
  • Includes three HSB-10 Cutting Blades, and three SP-76-220AL Aluminum Separator Plates
  • Fully adjustable rewind tension
  • Optional PCS-1 Counter may be added for an additional $395
  • Additional information

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 26 x 17 in