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  • $50.00



    Optional Large Label Roll Extender takes an 8.5” roll diameter to a 12” roll diameter in seconds. Easy to install and comes with all hardware needed to make the upgrade.

    • Not available on any LD-200 model or -SS Stainless Steel models.
  • $50.00



    Optional Label Flanges provide tension on the label supply roll for easier peeling of labels from their backing material. Ideal option for hard to peel and super sticky labels.

    • Sold in sets of 2.
  • $75.00



    Optional Foot Switch allows for easy start/stop of the TWIN-CAT with just a press of the Switch.

  • $125.00

    TSN, LD-6


    Optional Tensioning Shaft for LD-100 Label Dispensers. 

    • Provides back-tension on labels as they are dispensed
    • Tension is fully adjustable
    • Heavy-Duty brass and steel construction
    • Tensioning Shaft can be retrofit to existing LD-100 Label Dispensers
  • $150.00



    Optional Label Dispenser Counter provides an accurate count of labels that have been dispensed.

    • Factory Installed Option. Not available on the LD-100-S model or the -SS Stainless Steel models.
  • $360.00



    Optional Battery Pack for Label Dispensers. Make your Label Dispenser Mobile!

    • Battery Pack that allows your Label Dispenser to operate without plugging-in to a wall outlet
    • Battery Charger and Connection Cables included
    • Battery Life of 10 – 12 hours continuous use
    • Fully charges in 8 – 10 hours
  • $575.00



    4.5” wide Reflective Sensor Label Dispenser. Peel and Present operation allows for easy manual removal of label.  You can adjust the length of label that is dispensed as well as the speed in which it is dispensed.

    • Label Width – 4.5” (114-mm)
    • Roll Diameter – 8.6” (220-mm)
  • $649.00



    4.5” wide Foot Switch operated Label. Dispenser with speed adjustment knob. Once the label is peeled away from the backing material it is gently placed back on the label liner waiting to be picked up by the operator. Ideal for very small or delicate opaque or transparent labels.

    • Label Width – 4.5” (114-mm)
    • Roll Diameter – 8.6” (220-mm)
  • $675.00



    6.5” wide Reflective Sensor Label Dispenser. Peel and Present operation allows for easy manual removal of label.

    • Label Width – 6.5” (165-mm)
    • Roll Diameter – 8.6” (220-mm)